Oregano Oil and the Immune System

This next study is interesting because it establishes a link between oregano oil and the boosting of the immune system. In this study oregano oil was fed to nursing pigs. (Again, this was a placebo-controlled study, so half of the pigs received oregano oil supplementation, and other half did not. The results were found by comparing the two groups.)

The oregano oil increased the number of white blood cells in the pigs’ milk, which strongly suggests that it boosted the immune system of the pigs. What’s also interesting is that the piglets of the mothers who received oregano oil, drank more milk, demonstrating a positive effect for the children of nursing mothers who take oregano oil supplements. (The piglets weren’t directly given any oregano oil, they only received its benefit through their mothers’ milk.)

Effect of dietary supplementation of oregano essential oils to sows on colostrum and milk composition, growth pattern and immune status of suckling pigs.

Ariza-Nieto C, Bandrick M, Baidoo SK, Anil L, Molitor TW, Hathaway MR.

J Anim Sci., 2011 Apr, 89(4), 1079-1089.