Oregano Oil and Cancer

This next paper is really about the cancer fighting qualities of rosemary extracts, but does make this interesting statement in the abstract:

“One study in particular observed an inverse relationship between consumption of Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, sage, parsley, and oregano with lung cancer.”

The author of this paper is definitely more interested in rosemary, but it’s interesting to see oregano described as a potential cancer fighter.

Carnosol: a promising anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory agent.Johnson JJ.
Cancer Lett., 2011 Jun 1, 305(1), 1-7.







This paper tested an extract from Moroccan oregano (Origanum compactum Benth.) against a laboratory strain of human breast cancer cells and found the oregano extract to be effective at killing the cancer. A laboratory-bench experiment should not be viewed in the same light as a proper clinical trial with human patients, but nevertheless this provides a further indication that oregano may have cancer fighting properties.

Antiproliferative effect of extracts from Aristolochia baetica and Origanum compactum on human breast cancer cell line MCF-7.

Chaouki W, Leger DY, Eljastimi J, Beneytout JL, Hmamouchi M.

Pharm Biol., 2010 Mar, 48(3), 269-274.